Gas Fitting in Armidale

At H2O Plumbing & Maintenance, we provide the full scope of gasfitting. Our certified gasfitters test, install, repair and service standard and LPG gas lines to ensure they are connected and operating safely.


For existing homes, renovations or extensions, our gasfitters provide:

  • Gas pipe installations
  • Gas pipe extensions
  • Appliance installations (hot water systems, cooktops, etc).
  • Appliance replacements (hot water systems)

As for gas leaks, it’s important not to panic and follow these important steps:

  • Open all the doors & windows
  • Don't light a match or anything that's combustible
  • Don't turn on any lights or electrical appliances
Wrench on Pipe — Plumbing Services in Armidale, NSW

Our licensed gasfitters ensure your cooktops, ovens and heaters are connected properly to a fully functional gas line. Call us today for a free quote. We service residential clients and small businesses in Armidale and surrounding areas.